List of Top 5 Video Editing Software for Youtube Beginners

Video marketing is being studied as a result of the development of internet speed and people’s interest in it.

If you want to create your own videos and share them with a wider audience, I believe you’ve come to the correct place.

In this article, we’ll go over a list of the best video editing software for YouTube novices. Furthermore, in this collection, we’ve collected tools with amazing assets and simple user interfaces. So you don’t need to spend money on courses or be a tech-savvy expert to get started.


It’s a fantastic free video editing software for Windows, OS X, and Linux. The shortcut works in the same way as its more expensive counterparts: you place video and sound segments on the timeline and apply effects and captions to create a finished product. Then it may be converted into a movie file via post-production processes.

They began by creating this software for Linux users, and only after several years of effort decided to release versions for Mac and PC users. That’s why the Shortcut user interface is a little unusual. They have several simple features, such as dragging a file over to import it into your project.


  • You are able to customize the menu and make it your own.
  • There are a variety of customization choices and filters to choose from.
  • Tasks’ mobility, for example, may take them all the way back to initial editing.
  • Configuration on multiple monitors.
  • All work procedures for user requests are automated.


  • Filters cannot be previewed.

#2 -Adobe Premiere Pro CC

After effects is a popular video editor that may quickly modify footage, colour, and edit sound. Video editing features include the capacity to process any sort of multimedia content in its original form on desktop PCs and mobile devices.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing program that runs on iOS, macOS, and Windows. You can subscribe to only Premiere Pro or get it as part of Adobe’s bundle. 360 VR and 4K support give it the ability to handle any form of video, making it a professional tool for editing. It’s the most comprehensive of this list for both experts and novices because of its 360 VR and 4K capabilities.


  • There’s a wealth of options, plugins, and customization features.
  • The user interface is very convenient to use.
  • Can export a completed project in any of the existing formats;
  • The ability to integrate with other Adobe products.


  • It’s difficult to add and change the title.
  • The high cost of the legitimate license.

#3- Apple iMovie

iMovie is the finest program for both form and function. It’s one of the most popular video editing programs for Mac OS, iPhone, and iPad. It has eight themes with music, transitions, and titles, as well as ten video effects developed by Apple: image in the picture, slow motion, split-screen, and fast forward.

The program also includes features for producing soundtracks. One of the finest features of iMovie is their ‘green screen.’” That enables you to place your subject in any exotic location, such as Bali or Greenland, by utilizing the program’s ‘green screen.’


  • User-friendly design;
  • A broad range of audio-related utilities is available;
  • Theater mode for sending video to Apple devices;
  • 4K video support is included.


  • The feature set isn’t sufficient for motion tracking and 360-degree video;

$4- Lightworks

Lightworks is one of the popular video editing applications available. It’s free to download and use, and it supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. It’s ideal for camera operators, editors, sound engineers, bloggers, and other professionals. For commercial purposes as well as personal use, it may be used to create home video archives and share them on social networks.

For small or no-budget tasks, Lightworks is an excellent choice. You may import and render your film in the background, move editing windows about, and create personal keyboard shortcuts to make working easier.


  • Cross-platform functionality;
  • Multichannel support;
  • 3D video processing;
  • The timeline may be edited and trimmed.


  • Difficult to understand the editor management system.

#5- Filmora 9

Filmora Video Editor is a popular video editing software that has everything you need to create and edit videos.

You can use it to make any type of professional video or film, with a variety of visual and audio effects, including filters, transitions, overlays, bespoke titles, and components.

There are many video-editing options accessible, including Filmora Go, which is aimed toward mobile editing, and Filmora Scrn, which allows you to capture and modify videos of your computer screen. It’s a helpful tool for YouTubers who want to share any sort of video instruction.


  • Supports a variety of formats.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sound and music library.
  • 4K support.


  • All of your videos will include a corporate watermark on them in the free edition.